Mekrijärvi Research Station, University of Eastern Finland, 6-12 June 2010.

The World Dendro 2010 Pre-Conference Fieldweek will be organised before the conference 6-12 June 2010.

As a research training course it is aimed especially for PhD students working in the area of dendro sciences.


The foremost goal of the Fieldweek is to introduce and practice the various methods of efficient collection, preparation, measurement and analysis of tree-ring information. The second objective is to achieve the first through the excitement of discovering something new about the local environment. These two goals are accomplished by involving respected scientists in the field of dendrochronology to guide a small group of participants through the complete process of conducting a tree-ring study on a particular subject unique to the Fieldweek location. The group leaders function is to provide the theory and experience, the participant’s function is to learn while doing the work.

For the 2010 WorldDendro Fieldweek we have invited 10 group leaders to lead five groups, seven participants per group, through a complete mini-study in 6 days. The themes selected for this year’s program were chosen for the group leaders. Consequently, there are no a priori expectations of what results, paths or directions any group may take. Each group is free to explore their theme anyway they choose drawing on the collective experience of their group leaders as well as that of their members. On the last day of the Fieldweek all groups will summarize the results of their weeks work to the entire Fieldweek body through an oral presentation and a written report in the format of a scientific article.

All groups will cover the basics of dendrochronolgy in one-way or another. In this manner each participant will receive exposure to the fundamental theories and skills that every dendrochonolgical study shares in common. In addition, due to our confined working space and the need to share resources, there will be a lot of inter-group exchanges whereby members of all groups will get a chance to see and learn what everyone else is doing.

The proposed project themes and group leaders are:

  1. Dendroclimatic Examination of Sub-fossil Pine - Dave Stahle and Mauri Timonen
  2. Dendrohydrologic Study of Bog Pine Environments - Emilia Gutierrez and Ed Cook
  3. Forest Growth & Sustainability - Jaques Tardif and Jim Speer
  4. Riparian Dendrochronology - Samuli Helama and Rob Wilson
  5. Tree-Biology and Tree Growth - Katarina Cufar and Kevin Smith

In addition to the daily project work there will be an evening seminar given on the first four nights. The discussion speakers and their topics will be announced in coming announcements.

The Bert Bolin Centre for Climate Research, Climate Research School is offering 1.5 ECTS credits to registered students participating in the full term of the course. If you would like to be eligible to receive credit for your participation in the WorldDendro 2010 Fieldweek please send an electronic letter of intent to: Björn Gunnarsson (e-mail: bjorn.gunnarsson @

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