This pages includes session topics for WorldDendro 2010. When submitting your abstract, you should choose the most appropriate session for your presentation or poster.


  • Past and contemporary environment- human interactions


  • Climate-growth relationship of different tree species
  • Reconstruction of past climate variations: a challenge for the present and future
  • Divergence phenomenon in dendroclimatology
  • Hydroclimatic changes in tree-ring chronologies
  • Landscape dynamics and climate change
  • Teleconnections in the climate system from tree-rings and multiproxy records


  • Treeline and northern tree rings in climate change research
  • Tropical dendrochronology
  • Impact of climate variability on stand dynamics and forest management
  • Dendroecology of shrubs

Forest health

  • Tree rings and insects, diseases and anthropogenic factors
  • Tree rings and natural hazards in a changing climate
  • Forest fires in a changing climate

Stable isotopes in dendroecology

  • Stable isotopes and dendrochemistry in trees as indicators of environmental change

Wood anatomy

  • Intra-annual cambium dynamics and wood formation
  • Wood anatomy as an indicator of environmental factors

Technical advances in dendrochronology

  • New techniques and statistical approaches for detecting environmental signals and predicting forest growth